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Welcome to my blog about the Pacific Northwest.
Let me explain the two pebbles first.
My adventure, crime and legal novel 'REDEMPTION COVE' is set in part in a lakeshore cabin in central British Columbia; along the Yellowhead Highway west of Prince George. It's wild and beautiful country with hundreds of deep lakes stretching east-west, having been gouged by the Laurentide ice sheet as it expanded and contracted during the great ice age.
Like many writers who choose to place their stories in spectacular places I utilized good old Google Earth for my initial research, until I felt only the 'feel' of the place was lacking, then went to visit; with my editor along for the 600 mile ride, soaking up each new mountain vista and glacier valley. Fraser Canyon in the evenings, when the sun strikes the faces and lights them in brilliant gold and red hues that morph moment to moment, puts the capital 'I' in incredible.
Needless to say I arrived at the exact spot I'd chosen for the 'REDEMPTION COVE' cabin setting from a grainy satellite picture: a grassy knoll sloping to the water where waterfowl frolicked, near a small swampy area prickled with bulrushes, and it was exactly as I'd pictured and described.
The moment was surreal.
Not the terrain so much -- as a Seattleite I was used to the wooded plateaus of the Cascades, and as an Issaquah resident to living beside lakes, but the sheer presence of the place was jaw-slumping.
My lead character when he was a city-living 13 year old boy had been awestruck there by seeing Moose tracks. I looked down, and saw Moose tracks all around me in the soft ground of the grassy knoll. So I walked down to the shore and waded out, and picked up those two pebbles and carried them home and have them up on a little shelf above me, and they are an inspiration to me, a reminder that writing can actually envelope you in beauty. Because that's what writing is for me, the crystallizing of the vistas in my head.
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But this blog is also about the quirky things about the Northwest and Canadian culture that I also enjoy so much. Needless to say most of them are due to human folly, such as laws. These gems are courtesy of
·           For instance did you know you can't publish a comic book in Canada that depicts an illegal act? Or that in Calgary, costume shops are specifically banned from selling contact lenses? What's that all about?
·           How about you can't park your car on a street in such a way that it blocks your OWN driveway?
·           And you can't water your lawn if it's raining.
·           Also you can't drive a car that has a 'For Sale' sign in the window, you have to take it down when you're driving, and put it back up when you park.
·           How about you can't pay for a 50 cent item all in pennies?
·           Or that margarine manufacturers can't color it yellow so people don't confuse it with butter.
·           And my personal favorite:
o    When released from a Canadian Federal prison, believe it or not you are entitled to a handgun with bullets, and a horse so you can ride out of town.
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